[linux] prepojenie w95 <-->linux (cisco) cez ppp

Miro Bobovsky bobovsky na koruna.pbko.sk
Středa Srpen 25 09:56:00 CEST 1999

On Wed, Aug 25, 1999 at 08:40:42AM +0200, Ernest Beinrohr - OERNii wrote:
> zdravim, neviete o nejakej metode, ako spojazdnit pod windoze priamu linku ? 
> Teda seriovu priamo z portu cisca, alebo linuxu. Najlepsie by bolo, ak by 
> to ficalo bez modemu.
 takze ti treba null modem, na win95 nebol a trebalo to stiahnut zo sieti ..
okrem toho kabel je klasika nullmodem seriova linka
mne tak slapalo pripojenie win95 - nullmodemkabel - IBM RS600 
ale to bolo davno davno a pouzival som slip ale to je vlastne jedno

  Bbo (http://koruna.pbko.sk/~bobovsky Email:bobovsky na koruna.pbko.sk)
------------- další část ---------------
; Revision 1: 5 November 1995
; Revision 2: 13 November 1995
;              - added support for speeds > 19200
; Revision 3: 11 December 1995
;              - fixed hangup bug
;              - manual dial option not needed anymore
; Revision 4: 2 March 1996
;              - cleaned out some junk :)

; compiled by Kevin Wells 1995
; portions of .INF file copyright Microsoft Corp 1993-1995
; This file may be freely distributed and modified as
; long there is no charge for the file.  Please contact
; the author with any suggestions or improvements at
; kewells na vt.edu.  This file is a cut-paste of the 
; hayes modem file.  If someone cuts down the extraneous lines, send
; me a copy!
; This file and more detailed tips and instructions may be 
; obtained at:
; http://www.vt.edu:10021/K/kewells/net/
; If you have problems accessing the above URL, your browser may
; not put index.html at the end of the URL by default.  Instead,
; you may want to try:
; http://www.vt.edu:10021/K/kewells/net/index.html

; *** This file only explains the installation of this
; driver file and does NOT _fully_ explain how to set up
; a SLIP connection on the net.  You may email me at
; kewells na vt.edu with any problems, but please check out
; http://www.windows95.com first.  It is _very_ helpful
; and includes step-by-step instructions on setting up
; a generic SLIP connection.

; You need to have the following correctly installed:
; 1) Dial-up networking with TCP/IP
; 2) If you plan to run a SLIP connection, you need to
;    have the SLIP drivers installed. These are located 
;    under admin\dscript in the distribution
;    directory on the Windows 95 CD.  You can also find 
;    these and installation instructions at 
;    http://www.windows95.com

; Instructions:
; 1) Copy this file to a safe place (on a floppy or
; somewhere on your hard drive)
; 2) Go to the control panel and click "Modems"
; 3) Click the Add...  button
; 4) In the next window, check the "don't detect..."
;    box and then click the "Next>" button.

; 5) Click on "Have disk" and in the next dialog box enter
;    in the path to the file that you copied in step one
;    (don't include the file name, only the path)

; 6) Click on "Direct Connection"

; 7) Click on the "Next>" button.

; 8) Click on the port where you direct connection is and
;    then click on the "Next>" button.  For most Tech
;    computers purchased from IBM, this is usually COM1.

; 9) Windows will think for a little bit and prepare the
;    driver.  After it is done, click the "Finish"
;    button.  The title of the modem should appear in the
;    next window.

; 10) Click "Close"

; 11) Go into dial up networking and make a new
;     connection.

; 12) When the dialog box comes up select the direct
;     campus connection as your modem and click configure

; 13) In the options tab, click "operator assisted or 
;     manual dial" and continue setting it up!  
; VIRGINIA TECH: You do not need to do step 13.
; OTHERS: If you can get your host to echo a <cr> to <cr>
; then you can also not do step 13.  You may want to fool around with
; the strings down below, but some weird things happen when you do,
; so be careful!  As a last resort, you can do step 13.

; 14) If you are not running SLIP, you may want to click the boxes
;     that say "bring up terminal screen..."  If you have the
;     SLIP drivers, a screen will come up automatically; you
;     do not need to click these boxes.

; NOTE: It does _not_ matter what you put in for the phone number when
; Windows 95 asks you for one.  My driver file does not use it.

; Enjoy your new 32-bit connection!

; Kevin Wells
; kewells na vt.edu
; http://www.vt.edu:10021/K/kewells/



%Rolm% = Rolm, UNIMODEM105DA558
;%Rolm% = Rolm, UNIMODEM76DBB0AA

AddReg=All, Common, RolmReg, EXTERNAL


HKR,, DeviceType, 1, 01

; Hayes standard init/monitor/answer mechanisms.  Override if different for a specific modem/manufacture
HKR, Init, 1,, "<cr>" ; do an "AT" to get autobaud correct (start other init strings with 2)
HKR, Monitor, 1,, ""
HKR, Monitor, 2,, ""
HKR, Answer, 1,, "None"
HKR, Hangup, 1,, ""
HKR,, Reset,, "None"    ; slam in a reset before closing
HKR, Settings, Prefix,, ""
HKR, Settings, Terminator,, "<cr>"
HKR, Settings, DialPrefix,, "D"
HKR, Settings, DialSuffix,, ""
HKR, Settings, CallSetupFailTimer,, ""
HKR, Settings, InactivityTimeout,, ""
HKR, Settings, SpeakerVolume_Low,, "L0"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerVolume_Med,, "L2"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerVolume_High,, "L3"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerMode_Off,, "M0"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerMode_Dial,, "M1"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerMode_On,, "M2"
HKR, Settings, SpeakerMode_Setup,, "M3"
HKR, Settings, FlowControl_Off,, "&K0"
HKR, Settings, FlowControl_Hard,, "&K3"
HKR, Settings, FlowControl_Soft,, "&K4"
HKR, Settings, ErrorControl_Off,, "&Q6S36=3S48=128"
HKR, Settings, ErrorControl_On,, "&Q5S36=7S48=7"
HKR, Settings, ErrorControl_Forced,, "&Q5S36=4S48=7"
HKR, Settings, Compression_Off,, "S46=136"
HKR, Settings, Compression_On,, "S46=138"
HKR, Settings, Modulation_CCITT,, "B0"
HKR, Settings, Modulation_Bell,, "B1"
HKR, Settings, SpeedNegotiation_Off,, "N0"
HKR, Settings, SpeedNegotiation_On,, "N1"
HKR, Settings, Pulse,, "P"
HKR, Settings, Tone,, ""
HKR, Settings, Blind_Off,, "X4"
HKR, Settings, Blind_On,, "X3"

HKR, Init, 1,, "<cr>"
HKR, Init, 2,, "NoResponse"
HKR, Monitor, 1,, "Monitor"
HKR, Answer, 2,, "NoResponse"
HKR, Settings, DialPrefix,, ""
HKR,, Properties, 1, 80,01,00,00, ff,00,00,00, ff,00,00,00, 07,00,00,00, 0f,00,00,00, f7,03,00,00, 00,c2,01,00, 40,38,00,00
;HKR, Responses, "CLIENT",       1, 08, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00,00,00,00 ; Server side - the client is requesting a connection
;HKR, Responses, "<h00>CLIENT",  1, 08, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00,00,00,00 ; Server side - the client is requesting a connection
HKR, Responses, "<cr>", 1, 02, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00,00,00,00 ; Client side - the server has acknowledged and the connection is completed

VTech = "Virginia Tech"
Tech = "Virginia Tech"
Rolm = "Direct Connection"

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