[linux] RH 6.0 + RAID pole COMPAQ Proliant 5500 Info

roman Roman.Boba na inseko.sk
Pátek Srpen 27 10:50:11 CEST 1999

pre informaciu posielam, co mi odpisal technik Z RedHatu na moju otazku.


I'm considering to install RH 6.0 on a Compaq Proliant 5500 (1 GB RAM)
Smart Array 3200 (4x 9.1 GB HDD). The disks are grouped into two
logical arrays:
1, 1 disk - standalone - raid 0
2, 3 disks - raid 5 (3x9.1=total cca 18 GB)

Is it possible install RH 6.0 on a system cofigured this way, or do
a need
an extra IDE or SCSI disk for installation ?

My attempts to install are stopped by error message:
VFS:Cannot open root device 03:01
Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:01
(I tried to  build new vmlinuz with support for raid0,1,5 and
cpqarray +
new initrd - mkinitrd --with=raid0, but the result is the same)

Thank you in advance

Roman Boba,



Generally you should be able to install in this manner so long as
there was not any changes to the specific Compaq array controller (I
am not familiar with the 3200 model); The error you are getting I
have seen before but it was because the system had too much ram;
what was done to correct this was to type "linux mem=128M" at the
boot prompt from the installation disk; then the install went fine. 
So long as the driver is compatible with the 3200 model linux will
not care that it is RAID or not because this is all done in hardware
and is transparent to the OS.  As for building new kernels you can
do that once you have linux installed (type cd /usr/src/linux; make
config); however this is not covered under installation support.

Hope this helps out!



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