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Marian Krivos nezmar na internet.alcatel.sk
Čtvrtek Říjen 28 23:21:05 CEST 1999


Co sa tyka tejto konfery niesom tu dlho ale mam uz zopar postrehov. Tak ako
vsade aj tu sa vyskytuju totalne zaciatocnicke srandicky, ale inak si myslim
ze su tu prihlaseny skutocny profesionalny code writers a je tu spusta
informacii ktore nezozeniete nikde inde v pocte 5 az 30 denne! Zaujemcov o
strucny vycuc odporucam sem http://mujweb.cz/www/nezmarisko/c.zip. Pozor
pisem o konfere C++ a nie C! Z tej druhej som sa radsej po troch dnoch
odhlasil! Na zaver pripajam echo od sameho najvyssieho, ktore prebehlo
konferou dnes - ze naozaj existuje.
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I probably should put my hand up for a bit of notice here. I am the
coordinator and creator of the list. There are 400 people subscribed to
the list now worldwide. We are all of different cultures, backgrounds and
values and need to recognise this.

You've probably noticed I'm fairly relaxed about the contents of the list.
However I do have a basic ethos. If you want to read that ethos, visit the
Linux C Programming home pages, especially this address:


I said this once on the other list: if you *insist* on carrying on an
off-topic conversation mark it such and change the topic to what it really
is about. Furthermore if you continue an off topic thread and someone says
that it's off topic a little more nasty than I would, don't look at me!
This is a linux C++ programming list and although I will tolerate a fair
amount of off-topic talk, be aware that it's at your own risk....

I intend to set up a basic home page for the C++ list *soon*. I am
currently involved in writing a manual for a soon-to-be released program
and it's taking up a significant amount of free time. I hope this message
finds you all well.

Please, if you have any problems email me at:

mailto:tuxCPProgrammin-owner na listbot.com

Linux C++ and C Mailing List Coordinator

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