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Čtvrtek Květen 13 18:39:06 CEST 2004

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Subject: Final call to help with national governments
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 18:07:51 +0200 (CEST)
From: bkaindl na ffii.org

	Hello Ralf-Guenter Wein,
	(from the Brussels Demo/Conference on Swpat/Linux)
	Next monday, the ministers of the 25 european States will meet
	and if there are not enough interventions from our side, they'll
	approve the text from the Irish Presidency.

         It's fairly tough timing, we've just got an statement from the
	responsible director of the responible german ministry that Germany
	will not nod off the Irish Presidency's proposal for a Common Position
	of the Council of the Euruopean Union.

	If you have some spare time, you could help by calling the ministries
	in your government which might be attached to this issue.
	Tell them that Germany is not going to accept this text and ask them
	to do so also in the interest of the small comanies in the IT sector.
	It you don't know at least ask them if they know, and that they should
	know it because this is the percentage of companies in this Sector
	which they would be going to hurt if they to join an ally with Germany.
	At least in Germany, they provide 80.9% if the jobs in the IT sector,
	in Belgium 60% likely more for other countries(maybe yours).

	Just an other intersting happening, just to motivate you:


	"300 participants from Poland adopt a resolution calling government to
	 support European Parliament's stance and oppose Irish Presidency
	 proposal, with only 3 votes against and 4 abstentions.
	 All software companies, associations and political parties
	 are against software patents."

	You can also presentat your national part of the eurolinux petition
	to the ministry. Ask Gerald Sedrati-Dinet (Gibus) <sedrati na bigfoot.com>
	for the number of national signatures from your country, and once you've
	got an appointment he should send you the national petition.

	If you wonder if the new member states already have votes in the
	Council of the European union, the answer is yes.
	We've started a wiki page which we want to use as working place
	for giving you the information we have (so far only the names
	and postions of people which represent the country in the council):


	But we are trying to google for the addresses/phone numbers.

	If you are a company, call them in the name of it and ask to
	speak to the responsible person.

	You can also get in in touch with us at the irc channel
		#bxl-ffii on irc.debian.org and its web
	interface at

	Until Monday, there is a chance to change it, Thanks!

	Bernhard Kaindl, FFII

	PS: To join forces with others, send a mail with the
	    word subscribe as the subject to:
	          sk-parl-request na ffii.org

	PPS: We also look for people which can take over the responsibilty
	     of helping others in this regard, so if you have some information,
	     please consider subscribing to
	     		sk-help na ffii.org
	     (same way as above, it's mailman).

	PPPS: If you have questions, please ask me (look in the IRC first)

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