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“If there is any code out there that represents a conceivable risk..., 
we'd like to identify it and mitigate the litigation risk now.”

This is an open, community-based, collaborative research project, a 
living history, designed to carefully trace the ownership history of 
UNIX and UNIX-like code with the goal of reducing, or eliminating, the 
amount of software subject to superficially plausible but ultimately 
invalid copyright, patent and trade secret claims against Linux or other 
free and open source software. If there is any code out there that 
represents a conceivable risk of that kind, we'd like to identify it and 
mitigate the litigation risk now. If there isn't any valid claim that 
can be made, we'd like to be able to prove it.

“Most of the programmers who authored UNIX are still alive... You don't 
have to read about UNIX in a book. You lived this history. You know 
where to find proof of pieces in the history of this software. ”

The Strategy

COPYRIGHTS: First, we want to document how much of the Unix code-base is 
not copyrightable, by showing that it had its origins in earlier 
versions that are themselves either no longer copyrighted or never were 
copyrighted or copyrightable.
TRADE SECRETS: If some piece of code, or piece of related knowledge, can 
be shown to be well-known by third parties who are not under any 
contractual non-disclosure obligation, it is no longer a trade secret.
PATENTS: If an idea, method, or function can be proven to be already 
known, (even if just to the small group of relevant experts "learned in 
the art") then any patent granted can be invalidated. Grokline, with 
your help, can document that many "inventions and discoveries" were 
already known in the field before any patent claim on them was made.

How Can I Help?

If you have made a personal contribution in the past to the UNIX 
code-base, or have had some other professional or personal involvement 
with the code, whether as an author, project manager, release manager, 
tester, employee, volunteer or in another development role (including 
working for a client being sent code by a vendor and sending patches 
back), you can make a useful contribution to Grokline by recording what 
you know.

We are interested in origins --- when exactly new features first 
appeared in the UNIX releases you worked on, and where exactly they came 
from. We are intereested in tracing the ownership history. No scrap of 
information is too small to be useful, particularly when collected 
together with all the other pieces of our community's memory.

viac na webe.

AFAIK je to dost malo zname ^ IMHO velmi dobry projekt, tak zasielam.
Ak to niekeho obtazovalo sorry, popr. na sukr. mail.

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