[linux] KOMERCIA - junior open source package developer for Windows Platform

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Čtvrtek Říjen 28 18:04:50 CEST 2010


povedal som ti, ze nam na poslednu chvilu odstupil sponzor z dovodu
pozastavanie slovenskeho amrketingu budgetu firmy Sun Microsystems (lebo ich
akvizoval Oracle), ak nedokazes toto pochopit tak potom uz neviem ako ti to
mam vysvetlit, skratka ostala nauhradena faktura, mozes si ju riesit so
Slovenskym Oraclom.



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> Ty mi radsej daj tie peniaze co mi dlzis uz 2 roky
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> Ahojte,
> ak poznate niekoho ci mate zaujem, dajte vediet:
> the candidate will be working on packaging life cycle from source code to
> executable packages
> on windows-based platform. The source code is a combination of open source
> and commercial software. The work is planned to last at least 3 months,
> prolongation of the project is possible. The candidate should be able to
> compile from source code in windows environment ( Visual Studio and similar)
> but is not expected to have any extensive experience. Working in any open
> source project as developer, tester, committer or similar is viewed highly
> positively. The candidate can be a student. Compensation is negotiable.
> required skills and knowledge:
> English spoken and written (basic)
> Flexible availability, no permanent hours
> windows based development programs  (such as Visual Studio)
> beneficiary skills and knowledge:
> able to do beta-testing and debugging
> network protocols
> applications: wine
> languages: Java, C#, C, C++
> contact: jh at imatix.com
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