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Neděle Září 26 14:25:22 CEST 1999

Linux User Groups
We are a manufacturer of plush items. Our company has put the Linux Penguin 
into production as a small plush beanbag. Linux awareness will no doubt only 
continue to grow.  This growth can only benefit with eye catching promotional 
items. I think we have one. We have a "Tux" that actually looks like "Tux". 
We are currently are offering Linux Users Groups the opportunity to raise 
funds for their groups. We will ship lots of 50 pieces for a wholesale price 
of $195.50 including shipping anywhere in the US or 100 penguins shipped 
anywhere in the US $369.75. The SRP price is $9.95 plus shipping. Use them 
for raffles, promotions, giveaways. Whatever! Move over beabies… Microsoft 
has no mascot… Tisk…tisk…
Please visit our site with more details about the Linux penguin at 

Thank you, 
Shelly Huber
Wai Yip International Corp.
58 West Saddle River Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
fax 201.995.0839
WaiYipToys na aol.com

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