[sklug] LWB-2003 in Slovakia

Peter Surda shurdeek na panorama.sth.ac.at
Pátek Srpen 2 15:23:31 CEST 2002

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 01:04:42PM +0200, Daniel A. Nagy wrote:
> Hi,

> are denied most frequently to our kind. AFAIK, Slovakia also requires visas
> for visitors from Russia (but not for Ukraine, which is already an advantage
> over EU),
I am not sure this is still true. But I guess it isn't a big problem to get
the visas anyway.

> Finally, I'd like to ask you to clarify the customs regulations of Slovakia,
> as some western participants are voicing concerns about being able to bring
> in and take out their equipment without any harrassment on the part of the
> customs officials. Please, write a short summary on related laws and
> regulations.
This is indeed a big "if", though it very well may be that only Slovak people
get harassed about this (i.e. required to pay customs tax and VAT) even if
if the equipment is only needed for a couple of days and will be brought back.
Moreover, it may be nice if law says something, but if you meet a $!"§$%
customs officer it doesn't help. What helps is to have a guide who is a native
Slovak speaker. I'll try not to forget to ask next time I'll be crossing the
border (about in 1 week). Perhaps it would help to register the LBW somewhere
as an official conference, maybe the customs problems will be solved that way.
But worse than requirement to pay something shouldn't happen, you won't get
shot or something.

I can't help with local organisatory stuff because I don't spend much time in
Slovakia, but perhaps I can get some infos about the customs stuff and prepare
a lecture or workshop. I specialize in networks (work) and multimedia (hobby).

Anyway, I really hope it will work out somehow, I so wanted to go to LBW
everytime but it was either too far or I didn't have time. Perhaps I can
finally meet A'rpi and Kabi, not to mention that I only met about 2 SkLUG
members yet :-). I assume some guys from Austria will join as well, I can ask
on the next LUGA-Evening (I know it's premature but just for checking if there
is interest).

> Daniel
S pozdravom,

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