[sklug] LWB-2003 in Slovakia

Stanislav Meduna stano na meduna.org
Úterý Srpen 6 08:55:40 CEST 2002


> Upon checking it I also noticed, you may be asked to assure them
> you have enough money for your stay and for travelling back.
> ...
> It is unlikely that this will happen, if it does, SHOWING a
> credit card or some cash will solve this.

Showing a credit card should help, but it is not guaranteed - cash
is cash :-) For a short visit this is not a problem - if you show
say 200 EUR and say you are attending a three-day conference,
it will surely suffice (the Austrians want 40 EUR / day, so the Slovaks
surely don't want to see more). But it is indeed very unlikely (well,
som very geeky looking individuals might raise some suspicion :-)))

> Money: It isn't IMHO really necessary to obtain all the Slovak Crowns
> at your place, there are enough exchange offices and bank branches,
> plus you can use cash dispensers if your card is Maestro-compatible,
> MasterCard/VISA work very well too.

Correct. If you need cash, use an ATM to get it - anything other will
be more expensive. The exchange rates in the banks / exchanges
are worse and often with additional charges, so you end up paying
at least 2-3% more, which is most probably more than your bank
charges you for a cash withdrawal abroad (it surely is for an austrian
card, unless you only need a small amount of money). As Peter said,
never ever change money on the street.

I did not try to use foreign Maestro or Visa electron card in stores,
but it should work well. Regarding Visa or EC/MC - major stores,
gas stations, hotels etc. are no problem, but don't expect them
to work in every small store or every restaurant. I would not risk
to use them in some obscure pub or so.


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