[sklug] beer, hike, etc

cobus jgraaf na kpd.nl
Sobota Listopad 23 15:04:20 CET 2002

Good morning,

I'm affraid I can't help you organize, but I would like to know how to 
participate. Plus: I visited the Slovensky Ray once and liked it quite a bit. 

Plus: I visited Slovnaft and the slovak academy of sciences in 1991 and 
noticed their lack of money. Would it be an idea to visit them again, 
research their needs and present to them a open source software solution 
based on their needs? My idea would be to visit them a few day's and do some 
serious thinking with the whole bunch. 

Like to hear from hou


Jurgen de Graaf, 
jgraaf na kpd.nl

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