[sklug] LWB-2003 in Slovakia

Franz Stieber franz na bugat.at
Pondělí Září 30 17:04:12 CEST 2002

On 30.09.02 15:53 +0200, Stanislav Meduna wrote:
> Hello,

> > But I think first of all you tell me if you are interessted in an
> > cooperation between the BUGAT and the SKLUG?
> What kind of cooperation do you think of?
A meeting, a kind of event? My first plan was that the BUGAT visits ~2
towns in .sk where are un*x-users, where we can make a workshop and a
casual talk by trinking some beer. :-)

> > BSD may be not linux but on the "Linuxwochen" in Vienna there
> > where also some BSD lectures.
> The same is true for the SkLUG meetings :-)
> > If there are lectures about applications I think there is
> > no big difference between Linux and *BSD, most of the apps
> > are still the same.
> I cannot speak for the SkLUG but I think that there can be
> a language problem - only a few Slovaks speak german
> and I think the austrian meetings are mostly in german
> (e.g. http://www.linuxwochen.at/ contains only german text).
Of course the language of a meeting will be english. I think that this
is the language which nearly every person talks which works with

> Although the english is probably not a problem, I have
> no idea whether one or two lectures in english would
> be a good reason for SkLUG members attending the
> BUGAT meeting and vice versa.
The BUGAT meetings are regularly in german and are only "stammtische" (I
don't know the english word for this, propably someone can translate it
:), but there is no problem to hold a meeting in english. I
think it would be more interessting for you to visit the BUGAT when 
we are making a workshop or a seminar or would you also interested in a
"stammtisch" meeting?!?

> > not to mention that I only met about 2 SkLUG members yet 
> I'll try to visit linuxwochen next year, so you can bump this
> count to 3 - I work in Eisenstadt and I speak german :-)
Ok, propably you can translate stammtisch in english oder slovak
language? :)


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