[linux] Problem s LILOm

Branislav Molcan bmolcan na ba.entry.sk
Neděle Srpen 29 15:53:02 CEST 1999


Prave studujem Large Disk mini-HOWTO a tam som nasiel nieco na tvoj problem.
tu je jedna pasaz odtial:

 Many people think they have problems, while in fact nothing is wrong.
  Or, they think that the problems they have are due to disk geometry,
  while in fact disk geometry has nothing to do with the matter.  All of
  the above may have sounded complicated, but disk geometry handling is
  extremely easy: do nothing at all, and all is fine; or perhaps give
  LILO the keyword `linear' if it doesn't get past `LI' when booting.
  Watch the kernel boot messages, and remember: the more you fiddle with
  geometries (specifying heads and cylinders to LILO and fdisk and on
  the kernel command line) the less likely it is that things will work.
  Roughly speaking, all is fine by default.

  And remember: nowhere in Linux is disk geometry used, so no problem
  you have while running Linux can be caused by disk geometry.  Indeed,
  disk geometry is used only by LILO and by fdisk.  So, if LILO fails to
  boot the kernel, that may be a geometry problem.  If different
  operating systems do not understand the partition table, that may be a
  geometry problem. Nothing else. In particular, if mount doesnt seem to
  work, never worry about disk geometry - the problem is elsewhere.

Inac ak chces vediet nieco viac o geometri vacsich diskov a 1024 cylindrovom limite,
pozri si Large Disk mini-howto dokumentaciu.


> problem je toto: mam dva disky v compe - na jednom su nahodene NTcka (13GB
> Western) a na druhom mam Linux (RH6, disk je 1.6GB Seagate). Ked dam v BIOSe
> bootovat z disku D, ako presvedcit LILO, nech to facha??? (zatial mi napise
> len LI a stvrdne).
> Kirk
> P.S: mozte pisat aj na adresu: kirk na compact.sk

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