[linux] RH7.1 a hw RAID5

wolk na pobox.sk wolk na pobox.sk
Středa Červen 11 19:34:59 CEST 2003

>Ja som sa pokúšal asi pred rokom nainštalovať linux
>na starší server HP s tým MYLEXom, ale môj MYLEX bol
>na zbernici EISA a nebol k nemu driver - tak som to vzdal.
>Drivre pre PCI a MCA verzie boli k dispozícii. Už neviem kde,
>ale hľadal som cez googla a našiel som.
Ako to urobit ked mam RH7.1 Nasiel som driver ktory obsahuje subory DAC960.c
DAC960.h a DAC960.patch  Ak som to spravne pochopil linux tam uz musi
byt.V readme je napisane

This distribution was prepared for Linux kernel version 2.2.19 or 2.4.12.

To install the DAC960 RAID driver, you may use the following commands,
replacing "/usr/src" with wherever you keep your Linux kernel source tree:

  cd /usr/src
  tar -xvzf DAC960-2.2.11.tar.gz (or DAC960-2.4.11.tar.gz)
  mv README.DAC960 linux/Documentation
  mv DAC960.[ch] linux/drivers/block
  patch -p0 < DAC960.patch (if DAC960.patch is included)
  cd linux
  make config
  make depend
  make bzImage (or zImage)

Then install "arch/i386/boot/bzImage" or "arch/i386/boot/zImage" as your
standard kernel, run lilo if appropriate, and reboot.

To create the necessary devices in /dev, the "make_rd" script included in
"DAC960-Utilities.tar.gz" from http://www.dandelion.com/Linux/ may be used.
LILO 21 and FDISK v2.9 include DAC960 support; also included in this archive
are patches to LILO 20 and FDISK v2.8 that add DAC960 support, along with
statically linked executables of LILO and FDISK.  This modified version 
will allow booting from a DAC960 controller and/or mounting the root file
system from a DAC960.

Red Hat Linux 6.0 and SuSE Linux 6.1 include support for Mylex PCI RAID
controllers.  Installing directly onto a DAC960 may be problematic from 
Linux distributions until their installation utilities are updated.

                  INSTALLATION NOTES

Before installing Linux or adding DAC960 logical drives to an existing Linux
system, the controller must first be configured to provide one or more 
drives using the BIOS Configuration Utility or DACCF.  Please note that 
there are only at most 6 usable partitions on each logical drive, systems
requiring more partitions should subdivide a drive group into multiple 
drives, each of which can have up to 6 usable partitions.  Also, note 
that with
large disk arrays it is advisable to enable the 8GB BIOS Geometry (255/63)
rather than accepting the default 2GB BIOS Geometry (128/32); failing to 
so do
will cause the logical drive geometry to have more than 65535 cylinders 
will make it impossible for FDISK to be used properly.  The 8GB BIOS 
can be enabled by configuring the DAC960 BIOS, which is accessible via Alt-M
during the BIOS initialization sequence.

>>On Saturday 07 June 2003 21:57, wolk na pobox.sk wrote:
>>>Aky je postup pri instalacii linuxu /mam RH7.1/ na stroji s hw RAID5.
>>>Stale to zastane
>>>po volbe  typu instalacie PRAC. STANICA -SERVER ...
>>>Vypise nieco ze \"Vyskytla sa chyba - neboli najdene ziadne platne
>>>zariadenia na ktorych
>>>je mozne vytvorit nove suborove systemy. Skontrolujete vas hw pre
>>>zistenie priciny
>>>problemu\" teda si myslim ze nenajde to pole.Potom len OK a restart. Co 
>>>tym dalej?
>>>Radice su 2 na jednom ADAPTEC AHA2940 je ZIP,CDROM,DAT a druhy
>>>MYLEX DAC 960P firmw. v.2.38 32MB je RAID5. Poradte pls.
>>>ako tam dostat linux.

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