[sklug] LWB-2003 in Slovakia

Stanislav Meduna stano na meduna.org
Pondělí Září 30 21:19:37 CEST 2002


> A meeting, a kind of event? My first plan was that the BUGAT visits ~2
> towns in .sk where are un*x-users, where we can make a workshop and a
> casual talk by trinking some beer. :-)

Well, I'm all for it, but as I am unable to invest time
into actually organizing such a workshop, this does not
mean much... OTOH a casual talk and drinking some beer
is no problem :-)

Other opinions?

> The BUGAT meetings are regularly in german and are only "stammtische" (I
> don't know the english word for this, propably someone can translate it
> :),

Ummm - do you mean a regular quite small informal (without a fixed
program) meeting of people mostly knowing each other and
discussing just about anything? :-))) I don't know a one-word
english nor slovak translation (although everyone understands
what a Stammgast is :-)).

> I think it would be more interessting for you to visit the BUGAT when 
> we are making a workshop or a seminar


> or would you also interested in a "stammtisch" meeting?!?

I would probably visit both from time to time (it is always
interesting to meet other enthusiasts :-)), but I cannot comment
for others.


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